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Blue Nose Technologies has designed and patented environmentally friendly chemistry driven solutions to geo-mechanical challenges across a variety of industries.

We consistently engage in the research and development of proprietary solutions to meet the ever growing challenges of oil and gas exploration and production as well as mining, construction, demolition and repair.

Our solutions are based around controlled oxidation/expansion, crosslinking, and preservation of mechanical properties using our patented products. We are committed to approaching a variety of industries including but not limited to oilfield, mining, construction, demolition, and repair with environmentally friendly chemistry driven solutions.  

We strive to build strong client partnerships by working together with our customers to deliver proven solutions to help them achieve and maintain a competitive edge.


BN Viscofrak 1000

For Mining, Demolition and Construction

BN Viscofrak works in a wide variety of applications due to the flexible nature of the product. Composed of E2 with a catalyst, BN Booster, BN Viscofrak can be used as a liquid, paste or putty, depending on where it needs to be placed. The BN Booster content can be altered to manage the speed of the reaction. The addition of the BN Booster also enhances the effects of the product expansion, helping to gain expansion pressure exceeding 36,000 PSI.

Available from REDA as ProTerra RS.

BN LMS 2000

Mud Additive for Oilfield

Finally, a product that does not disturb the emulsion balance! Lower loadings with our LMS can achieve a two-phase system with a crosslinked high viscosity phase distributed within an otherwise undisturbed mud system. In addition, the formation of the second phase can be delayed for minimal impact on circulating pressure. In the pill application the same delay can be introduced allowing an extremely high viscosity pill to be displaced at lower pressure which only builds viscosity when it reaches its target. This is the unique aspect of our patented product. Additionally, replacing quicklime with our E2 allows greater control over a reduced exothermic reaction.

Available from REDA as ProTerra LCM.

BN Liquid Bloc 3000

Temporary and Redrillable Well Abandonment Plug

Utilizing the same formulation as the LMS/Mud Additive, the mixture is pumped without dilution into the mud system through the drilling rig or coil tubing unit pump (as opposed to a separate cementing unit, although that is another viable option). In addition to the BN Booster and E2, our patented BN Liquid Bloc is added in various concentrations to meet the desired compressive strength for the application. The BN Liquid Bloc is curable and activates at a target temperature (currently 120° F), which prevents it from solidifying the compound before it is deployed. Exact concentrations of BN Liquid Bloc are still being evaluated and will vary based on desired compressive strength (usually set by the desire for directional drilling to be initiated at the plug), but are generally designed to mimic the mechanical properties of brittle shales. The Temporary/Drillable Plug material is also being evaluated for possible application as a cement alternative for surface and intermediate casing and liners. In this application, the material could be deployed via drilling, coil tubing, and workover rig, eliminating the need for a dedicated cementing crew. 

Available from REDA as TerraPlug.

BN Powder Bloc 4000

Permanent Well Abandonment Plug

Utilizing the same formulation as the Temporary/Drillable Plug Material it is to be used in concert with a mechanical plug to increase resistance to gas migration, etc., but has increased concentrations of our BN Powder Booster and patented BN Powder Bloc to allow the final reacted product to bind to formation and solidify into a gas and fluid-impermeable barrier. The ability to drill through the reacted product is not a concern as it is for permanent abandonment. The system is designed to be able to be pumped through a drilling, coil tubing, or workover (service) rig pump, as opposed to a dedicated cementing unit (although that is still a viable deployment option). Compressive strength guidelines are still supplied which dictate the exact formulation; however, the ability to bind to formation and prevent the flow of gas or fluids is the primary specification.

Available from REDA as TerraPlug P.

BN Flash 5000 

Flash-Setting Cement

This product is by special order only and is used before cementing where high losses are anticipated. The zone is pretreated with our patented BN Bloc. Adding our proprietary BN Bloc blend makes it resistant to leak­­­off that will cause immediate crosslinking and curing of cement upon contact. Additionally, BN E2 can be added into the cement slurry at a rate determined through pilot testing with your preferred cement. When the cement is pumped the E2 will catalyze with the BN Bloc, forming a solid bond with the zone, effectively stopping losses. This system can be used for remedial cementing.

Available from REDA as TerraFlash.



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